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Business Coaching

Many of my business owner clients are looking for help in taking on one or more of these challenges:

  • Feel more meaningful success and better results are possible in your business?
  • Want to increase your profits and learn to work more efficiently?
  • Need to develop your team and enhance your leadership skills?
  • Have too much stress in your business and life or struggle with time management?
  • Ready to make a breakthrough and looking for the best professional support to help translate your goals into reality?
  • Sometimes feel something is missing from your business or want to further align your passions with your work?
“When I started my law practice I believed that I would be successful, but I doubt that I would have achieved the level of success I have at such a rapid pace if I didn’t have Rodger to help keep me focused and directed. Hiring Rodger as my personal coach turned out to be one of the wisest strategies I’ve employed to grow as a business owner. I was able to double my income in just one year working with Rodger. As a result, I was able to purchase my dream home years before I thought that was possible.”

Lorie L. Burch
Attorney & Counselor at Law

Results from Business Coaching

A study conducted by the International Coach Federation reported the following information on some of the benefits of professional coaching and business coaching.

These are just some of the areas that my clients choose to focus on with me. There are many other additional benefits that my clients experience from my business coaching and entrepreneur coaching services.

Benefits of Business Coaching:

  • Setting Better Goals, Achieve Goals Faster, Project Completion
  • Motivation, Focus, Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Discovery
  • More Balanced Life, Lower Stress Levels, Improvement in Quality of Life
  • Business Turn-Around, Increased Profitability, More Income
  • More Meaning in Business & Life, More Free Time
  • Empowered Employees, Better Relationships with Co-Workers, Boss, Employees
  • Enhanced Communication Skills, Better Personal Relationships
  • Health & Fitness Improvement, Increased Energy, Stopped a Bad Habit
  • Successful Career Change, Started a New Business

Trying To Do It All On Your Own Can Be Costly

As a fellow entrepreneur, I love to work with other entrepreneurs because I understand our unique mind-set, and I know what it takes to achieve great results. On my journey to business success, I have experienced the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. I have been able to translate my dreams into reality, and every challenge along the way has been worth it.

Taking your business to the next level or getting it started can feel very overwhelming. Trying to do it all on your own can be discouraging and a potentially costly experience.

My coaching programs will help you translate your business visions, goals, and dreams into reality.

My business coaching is designed to help entrepreneurs in various stages:

  • Established and successful entrepreneurs
  • New entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Former executives or managers starting their own business
  • Small business owners
  • Solo entrepreneurs